Friday, April 1, 2011



you think i'm strong,
when you look at me,
you think i'm great,
when you be with me,
although i'm smiling now,
i always wanna scream,
stop judging me,
by the words i spoke,
stop judging me,
by the mistakes i'd made,
stop judging me,
by the past i'd gone through,
i always want you,
to see the real me,
what you see outside,
is definitely different,
than what you can see inside,
so look into my eyes,
tell me what you can see,
although you see i'm smiling,
but tear's rollong down in my heart,
although you see i'm strong,
but i'm weak and easy to tear apart,
although i brushed my hair straight,
but problems garbled in my mind,
although i say great,
i was wrong and feel so bad,
although i make mistakes,
but there must be a reason behind,
although my past is not good,
but i'm sure my future will be the best,
now what you see,
is the real me....

Thank you for taking the time to read this poem ...<3 u all ^_^